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Rules and Regulations 論壇規矩 Empty Rules and Regulations 論壇規矩

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以下所有規矩用英文為準 - 違規者可以被Administrator趕出論壇.

All posts on this forum are protected and PRIVATE. Information posted on this forum may not be reposted or leaked to any unauthorized source.

Administrator Team takes spam very seriously. All attempts to spam or make unauthorized remarks on any topic may be removed at any point.

The Administrator Team and all associated moderators has the right to move, edit, modify, delete, lock, and make public any associated thread as deemed necessary. They are also within right to close off membership group access, remove user rights, suspend new user registration, pause forum activity, and place the forum under suspension or deletion.

All members of this forum must maintain a basic level of respect towards other members. HKGOLDEN members shall have more rights on this forum than visitors.

Due to 3rd Party forum hosting, information security is never guaranteed by the Administrator Team nor the forum host. Do not post any personally identifiable information if you do not wish to disclose this information in public form. The forum host nor the Administrator Team will never ask you for your password(s), credit card information or other personal information. Do NOT respond to any questionable phishing messages.

Opinions expressed by users and members of this forum does not necessarily represent the views of staff, managements or members eRepublik, HKGOLDEN, the eRepublik HKGOLDEN Party, or this forum. We are not and will not be held responsible for any posts made that may violate any eRepublik, local, state/province, federal, country, or international laws.

Information posted on this forum may NOT be reposted, printed, or reproduced in any other fashion without the explicit written consent of this forum's Administrator Team. This term is non-negotiable, and subject to prosecution to the fullest extent of any applicable laws where appropriate.

All changes are subject to change without further notice. It is the responsibility of each user to regularly read up on any updates to this page.

Thank you.

The eRepublik HKGOLDEN Party Forum Administrator Team

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