How to Register an Account (English Walkthrough)


How to Register an Account (English Walkthrough)

發表 由 Jameson L. Tai 于 周一 2月 15, 2010 4:11 am

Yes, I realize I made the default language to be Traditional Chinese. You may use the following guide to help you get through the registration process.

Step 1:

Field 1: eRepublik Character Name
Field 2: E-Mail Address (Please don't use hotmail...)
Field 3: Password (Common sense, don't use the same one as your eRepublik password)
Field 4: eRepublik Citizen Profile URL

Step 2:

Field 1: Verify Your Password

Step 3:

Account has been established. You will need to check your email to receive your account confirmation code to activate your account. Remember that the confirmation code email may have gotten into your junk mail folder.


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